Fiduciary Standard & Radical Financial Transparency

The best part about only managing your own money is that you're incentivized to always do the right thing because it's your own money. My goal is to maximize wealth within the context of a risk management framework. I don't have a boss that's constantly pushing me to gather new assets or maximize revenue. So… Continue reading Fiduciary Standard & Radical Financial Transparency

Savings vs Returns vs Trades

Signalee is ostensibly about position trading. But there’s a second point that is important to make for anyone trying to create a large trading account: adding a relatively small amount of money on a periodic basis to your account initially “compounds” the value of your account faster than the position trading strategy we use. Using… Continue reading Savings vs Returns vs Trades

Bitcoin, the Stock Market, and Other Asset Bubbles

Conventional wisdom: bubbles should only be in champagne and in a bath, not in asset holdings. My opinion: asset bubbles are awesome* when you own the asset in question. Irrational exuberance represents unearned returns or returns that have been pulled to the present from the future because a herd of investors are overly optimistic about… Continue reading Bitcoin, the Stock Market, and Other Asset Bubbles