Citi’s $900M Whoopsie

Back in August of 2020, so roughly 3 years ago by my calculation, Citi, as Administrative Agent for a loan that was in the midst of restructuring for Revlon, accidentally wired a bunch of the participants $900M. Citi said it meant to pay several months of accrued interest on the loan that totaled ~$9M, but… Continue reading Citi’s $900M Whoopsie

Bankrupt: Pyxus International Inc Stock

In 2018 I thought the second lien notes of Pyxus International Inc represented a good reward to risk ratio. 2 years later and it turns out I was completely wrong as Pyxus International Inc stock went to 11 cents per share and the second lien notes were offered 2 cents on the dollar in a prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Perfect Trades vs Perfect Investments

One of the great things about the internet and social media is all the investing and trading greats sharing their views and opinions. And then there are random guys like me. As I was checking in on Tesla's results last month and reviewing the post I wrote a year ago regarding Tesla's stumbles, realizing that… Continue reading Perfect Trades vs Perfect Investments