Buy List

Did you find your way to Signalee’s Buy List because you’re looking for ideas? You’re in luck: the table below contains a list of companies that are currently in my portfolio. It has the company ticker, the date it was first added, the price of the stock when it was added, and my current estimate of fair value.

Company Date Added Original Price Est. Fair Value
CVS 12/25/18 $71.09 $105
ABBV 7/19/19 $68.32 $129
CMI 10/18/19 $169.10 $195
MCK 10/18/19 $150.78 $204
NWL 10/18/19 $19.27 $23
KHC 10/31/19 $32.32 $42
EMN 11/19/19 $78.81 $107
BHC 12/20/19 $29.89 $66
PNC 2/4/20 $151.52 $66

If you decide to invest in one of the above after doing your own research to make sure it’s appropriate for your individual situation, please check to see if it’s over a long-term moving average before starting a position.