General Mills: post-pandemic slump

There are four categories of stocks when it comes to the pandemic: Stocks that got crushed but will likely bounce back (airlines, travel);Stocks that got crushed but won't have the opportunity to bounce back (retailers that went bankrupt);Stocks that did well because of the pandemic and will continue to do well (anything remote work or… Continue reading General Mills: post-pandemic slump

Risk Management in Trading: GameStop Edition

Trading is a game of survival against the twin threats of long-term inflation and capital preservation. Achieving a balance between the two ultimately determines success. To beat inflation, you have to take risk. But to protect your capital, you have to understand the role of risk management in trading. GameStop: the perfect short (2015 to… Continue reading Risk Management in Trading: GameStop Edition

Citi’s $900M Whoopsie

[February 2021 update: Citi lost their case, but it's on appeal and not looking good for them. Matt Levine has his normally hilarious take on the ruling. I also learned a new legal doctrine as part of this whole brouhaha. Luckily I learned it from the bleachers.] Back in August of 2020, so roughly 3… Continue reading Citi’s $900M Whoopsie