Citi’s $900M Whoopsie

Back in August of 2020, so roughly 3 years ago by my calculation, Citi, as Administrative Agent for a loan that was in the midst of restructuring for Revlon, accidentally wired a bunch of the participants $900M. Citi said it meant to pay several months of accrued interest on the loan that totaled ~$9M, but… Continue reading Citi’s $900M Whoopsie

New Normal: 2% AVERAGE Inflation

Ah, late Summer, when you start feeling sad that the warm and sunny carefree days are close to an end, the evenings spent on the back patio will soon require a fire and a sweater, and you turn your attention to Fall. But before you can truly start growing that seasonal beard in earnest, there's… Continue reading New Normal: 2% AVERAGE Inflation